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Academic Learning Goals

Goals are developed on-premises, common foundational principles that we all believe.

First and foremost, as a Christian school, we are an extension of Christ’s church and the Christian home. Christian schools are stronger and wiser in partnership with the Christian home and local churches. Therefore, the agents of instruction are parents assisted by professional servant educators who know Christ intimately.

Secondly, we are a school–a Christ-centered educational community in pursuit of truth, wisdom, and knowledge with a focus on preparation for higher education.

A strong education balances the development of the child academically, physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually and liberates all to serve others wholeheartedly.
Across our spectrum of learners, “differences are a gift.” Not everyone learns in the same way, nor do all have the same ability.

With these thoughts in mind, we present these learning goals:

  • To develop every student’s potential to the glory of God.

  • To provide to our students a core knowledge base that is essential to master in order to be fully educated. This content base should be incrementally acquired and meaningfully understood via effective teaching practices.

  • To build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • To make available to all students and teachers access to information technology throughout the school and

  • To teach the information literacy skills to use that technology.

  • To instill learning as a relentless lifelong pursuit.

  • To train up today’s students to become the next generation of community leaders.

  • To enable those leaders to sift the 21st century culture and an increasingly globalized existence through the principles of God found in the Bible.

  • To continually self-examine our practice/methodologies to seek the best environment for learning.

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