An Update Regarding The Coronavirus

Published 3/28/2020

It is with a heavy heart that we have chosen to temporarily close the physical campus of our school until further notice in accordance with the requested action of the president in response to the introduction of COVID-19 in Haiti. There have been multiple confirmed cases as of now in Haiti, and all schools have been closed in response. We were thoroughly prepared for this possibility, and we have sent home work packets for the younger students and set up online classes for the older students. We will seek to resume classes on school grounds as soon as the path has been cleared.

Several of our American teachers and students have left the country to be with family and friends. The time that we will be out of school is indefinite, but should the school not reopen until August, we will finish this quarter online and using work packets. If the school is able to reopen on the physical grounds, the school will promptly reopen and any missing staff will return to the country. Teachers will continue to be paid, students will continue to be educated, and tuition will be received by the school regardless of whatever happens in the coming months.

The COVID-19 virus has taken the world by a storm. There are over six hundred thousand cases worldwide, and the numbers are still rising. In countries where it has gotten out of hand, the virus has overrun hospitals. The only effective containment strategy in use on this virus is “social distancing,” wherein people stay home as much as possible and do not gather in groups of more than ten at any time. Now is no time for fear, but to plan for what lies ahead. God is in control of this situation, and He wants us to make the most of it. May the peace of God be with you in the coming weeks, which will be trying for all of us.

A Note From The Director This February


Dear Parents,

This has been such a difficult year for Haiti. I was reminded on Friday that last year on Valentine’s day we were evacuating some of our staff and my own children due to the extreme unrest.  I want to recognize that it has been an extremely challenging year for Haiti.  I am grateful that the Lord has provided a path for our school and that we are still operating successfully one year later.  

Mrs. Gross

Cowman Student Visits Great Britain

Cowman International School was thrilled that one of its students, Maxiane Petit-Papa, was offered a full scholarship to Oxford Royale Academy's world-renowned Oxford Summer School, allowing her to experience life in Oxford for two fantastic weeks in the summer of 2018. In addition to classes with Oxford Royale Academy's tutors, Maxiane enjoyed a wide range of activities in Oxford as well as excursions further afield to other UK cities including London, and she made friends for life with students from all over the world. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was provided by ORA's regional scholarship program, offering students from certain countries the chance to attend an ORA program on a full scholarship.

The Cowman staff was excited, but not surprised, to hear that Maxiane finished at the top of her classes at Oxford. We have no doubt that she represented Jesus, Haiti, her family and Cowman School well during her time overseas. 

If you get a chance, ask Maxiane about her time at Oxford and the new friendships she created, and ask her to share some of her pictures. We know she will be excited to do so!

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